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Thursday, January 5, 2017

LONG SHADOWS by Kate Sherwood Blog Tour

Hidden Romances

One of the suggested topics for this blog tour was Top Ten Literary Influences, and as I tried to think about the topic, tried to sort out what I’ve read and what impact it’s had on what I write, I realized that, until I started actually writing romances, I didn’t read many of them. Of course, that doesn’t mean there were no romantic elements to the novels I devoured. But the romances were often hidden.

A Separate Peace? The doomed friendship that created such angsty yearnings in my pre-teen breast made a lot more sense when I got older and read the story through a homoerotic lense. Was Gene gay, or bi-, or in any way sexually attracted to Phineas? I don’t think that’s a reading supported by the text (although my imagination can offer some compelling arguments). But was Gene in love with Phineas? Hell, yeah. Was his horrible moment of destructiveness simply driven by jealousy, or was there an added element coming from Gene’s confusion over his feelings? I know what reading makes most sense to me, and I know that I’d love to be able to capture something so complex and so true in my own writing.

And The Outsiders, another favourite of my early years? SE Hinton can say what she wants, but my reading of that book definitely has a romantic element to it. Dallas being so protective of Johnny and falling apart when he dies? Ponyboy drawing pictures of Dallas that capture his essence in only a few lines? All of them being so jammed in together, living so much in each others’ pockets, with no romantic/sexual feelings? Nope, not my Outsiders. (As I write this I realize how much my characters in the Shelter series have in common with the Outsiders boys - but my guys are a bit more open about things!)

How about The Great Gatsby? (Damn, was there a book I read in high school that didn’t have a homoerotic subtext?) Poor Nick, having to stand by and watch as Gatsby chased after a woman…

And I, like so many others, started writing m/m romances through the fanfiction gateway—I think I watched the first couple seasons of Supernatural and was never all that engaged with the show itself, but some of the gorgeous fics that came out of that series were enough to convince me that works of fiction can be turned into something much, much more than the creators originally intended.

So whether my “hidden” romances were consciously intended by the authors or not, they were definitely romances to me. Do you guys have any examples from your own reading or viewing? What works are more meaningful to you when you read them with romance-coloured glasses?

About Long Shadows

LA cop Jericho Crewe got the hell out of Mosely, Montana, when he was seventeen. Fifteen years later, he’s back, and everything is just as messed up as when he left. He planned a quick visit to deal with his injured father, but of course things are never that simple. Family complications, police complications, social complications—and, as always, Wade Granger complications.

Jericho and Wade had been so close, once upon a time. First friends, then more than friends—and then, after Jericho’s escape, nothing. Wade’s magnetism hasn’t been lessened by a decade and a half apart; even when Jericho learns that Wade is the prime suspect in the death of Jericho’s father, the old connection still sparks.

When Jericho’s newly discovered half siblings are kidnapped, he needs to trust someone to help him find them. Wade’s a terrible choice, but Jericho’s never been known for his good judgment. Anyway, he’d rather make a bad decision with Wade than a good one with anybody else.

Now available from Riptide Publishing.

About Kate Sherwood

Kate Sherwood started writing about the same time she got back on a horse after almost twenty years away from riding. She’d like to think she was too young for it to be a midlife crisis, but apparently she was ready for some changes!

Kate grew up near Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and went to school in Montreal, then Vancouver. But for the last decade or so she’s been a country girl. Sure, she misses some of the conveniences of the city, but living close to nature makes up for those lacks. She’s living in Ontario’s “cottage country”--other people save up their time and come to spend their vacations in her neighborhood, but she gets to live there all year round!

Since her first book was published in 2010, she’s kept herself busy with novels, novellas, and short stories in almost all the sub-genres of m/m romance. Contemporary, suspense, scifi or fantasy--the settings are just the backdrop for her characters to answer the important questions. How much can they share, and what do they need to keep? Can they bring themselves to trust someone, after being disappointed so many times? Are they brave enough to take a chance on love?

Kate’s books balance drama with humor, angst with optimism. They feature strong, damaged men who fight themselves harder than they fight anyone else. And, wherever possible, there are animals: horses, dogs, cats ferrets, squirrels… sometimes it’s easier to bond with a non-human, and most of Kate’s men need all the help they can get.

After five years of writing, Kate is still learning, still stretching herself, and still enjoying what she does. She’s looking forward to sharing a lot more stories in the future.

Twitter: @kate_sherwood 


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Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents


  1. I recently had to make a project about The Great Gatsby, before that I never read the book or watch the movie. I enjoyed the story but I would have like if Gatsby kick Daisy to the curb and look for something better, I never liked her one bit. And I don't remember any book with a "hidden" romance.

  2. I think we can see anything we want if we really want in the things we watch. That’s why there’s so much fanfic and shipping going on with tv dramas that don’t have characters matched up the way we want them matched up.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  3. To be honest I can't remember a book with a 'hidden' romance. I always have been reading a lot, but they were MF novels. I didn't have my 'LGBT' glasses on. Maybe it is because I just started reading MM novels two years ago.
    tankie44 at gmail dot com

  4. I know I've read a few novels with hidden romance in it but the titles are elusive atm. I remember a bestfriend who was once staring on the MC longer than he should be but the crush he had on the MC was never mentioned. Things like that. Like you know there's meaning behind it or maybe it's just me. :D

    I've read most of Chase Potter's works & his novels don't necessarily possess HEAs but they are still awesome for me. I don't think that they aren't meaningful, there are just times when I think how different it has been if some of his stories didn't end like how it ended. =)

    Thanks for coming by to Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents, Kate! <3

  5. I still think that Shawn and Gus were secretly lovers on PSYCH, and I always find homoerotic intrigue when watching bands or hockey players...


  6. I almost always look at TV through a m/m lens now whenever I'm watching. Maybe I'm just a perv but I can pretty much see some sort of homoerotic subtext in any show if I look hard enough.

  7. I know what you mean about The Outsiders. It was even more obvious (in my mind) after I saw the movie. :-)

  8. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway. Sounds like a definite tbr. I didn't read romances when I was younger either, and what stories I did read (or more likely movies I saw, like Outsiders and Gatsby and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, even a Clockwork Orange), I was too naive to catch the gay subtext. Now I get it :-)
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  9. Befor I started reading m/m romances I never read romance novels at all. Mostly I found them so stereotypical and boring. And before I started with m/m romance novels I read m/m fiction in general. So I can't say that much about romances because it is not my main subject. I mostly fall in love with a lot of authors and their specific writing style. I will read everything from a great author, I don't mind genres. And yes, I have read most of your books :-) booklover-forever(at)web(dot)de

  10. I've seen some movies and read some books that I felt had hidden romance to them.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  11. I can't immediately think on top of my head about hidden romance, but I'm sure there are examples from my own readings. I just can't remember it right now... amie_07(at)yahoo(dot)com