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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Saved by Karrie Roman Tour

Title:  Saved
Author: Karrie Roman
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: April 10
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 70000
Genre: Romance, gay, kidnapping, law enforcement, criminals, PTSD, thriller

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Detective Jack Mitchell is not a people person. After fourteen years dealing with the monsters of society, he has learned to keep people at arm’s length. Failing is his biggest frustration, and on the case of his career, he is having no luck hunting down a copycat serial killer…or the one man who survived the original case. Six years ago, Will Blaikie was taken by a monster who changed his life forever. Narrowly surviving, he has become a prisoner in his own home. Friendless and alone, he watches in horror as a new monster emerges who only wants to copy the murderous deeds of Will’s monster…including taking Will. When these two men are thrown together, and the monster comes for them both, one must learn to feel safe and protected, and the other must learn to feel love and peace.


Saved Karrie Roman © 2017 All Rights Reserved Will Blaikie didn’t often watch the news. It wasn’t because he preferred to bury his head in the sand about the world. More often than not, he was just protecting himself. He knew very well what happened out there, and he didn’t often want to be reminded of it. He had one television in his house, a smallish thirty-four-inch flat screen that was mounted over his fireplace. It was rarely on other than for movies or, of course, for The Walking Dead. Tonight Will needed the background noise though. So he had left the TV on after watching a repeat of last season’s final episode before the new Walking Dead season kicked off in a couple of weeks. He would proudly admit to being a diehard fan if anyone asked. He could hear the news broadcast begin from the kitchen where he was whipping up a quick stir-fry. There was no point in elaborate and complicated meals if you were only ever cooking for one. The breaking news item immediately caught his attention and left him cold. Hesitantly making his way to the TV, he picked up the remote and rewound, wanting to have misheard. He hit play when the giant red breaking news banner crossed the screen. Will stood listening as a flawlessly presented, heavily made-up woman, who smiled entirely too much throughout her report, confirmed his worst fears. “Police have yet to confirm the discovery of a second body with the all-too-familiar cross carved into the chest. Having viewed the body found in a semirural field today, I can confirm that a cross was indeed carved into the deceased’s chest. An unnamed police source unofficially confirmed that this was the second body found bearing the cross. Sydney-siders will remember the Beecroft Butcher from six years ago when the city was paralysed with fear during the yearlong killing spree. Twelve men were killed before the killer, Russell Coburn, was finally—” He only just made it to the bathroom before the entire contents of his stomach came up. Will draped himself over the toilet seat, heaving and sweating as he vomited into the bowl until nothing but bitter bile remained in him. He could still hear the low mumble from the television, but thankfully, no words were clearly audible. He’d heard enough—too much. His entire body shook, and he imagined his mind would look a picture of complete panic and chaos if he could peer inside it right now. He lay on the cool tiles, curling his body around the toilet bowl, unconvinced there would be no more vomiting. He felt a wet nose snuffle against his arm and reached back to give a reassuring pat to Henley. The furry dog took up his position, laying himself practically on top of his master. Protecting him as always, not just from physical harm, but from the mental hurt Will was now threatened with. An hour and a half later, both Will and Henley were still curled up together on the bathroom floor. Though his body was still wracked with tremors, they were easing as was the chaos in his head. Could this really be happening again?

Deleted scene with commentary
I didn't really have deleted scenes, though I originally had a different epilogue. I was going to have a Christmas scene for the epilogue but I decided I wanted to give more of a wrap up on their lives in case I never go back to them. I have put a bit of the Christmas scene below but the whole scene will eventually be on my website. It could have been used it as the epilogue but it became mostly about festive sexy times for Jack and Will and I didn't want that for the epilogue.

Will couldn't remember the last time he had actually celebrated Christmas, or wanted to for that matter. The years after his abduction had been harrowing, and the thought of a jolly man in a red suit hadn’t exactly inspired good tidings of comfort and joy. Besides, even before that horrible time Will had always felt disappointment with Christmas. He didn't care how people painted it or how they tried to twist the trimmings, it just wasn't Christmas if you were sitting outside sweating a few kilos off in thirty plus degree heat while eating cold chicken and salad. Not even prawns in seafood sauce could save the day. Nor was there anything festive about Santa’s sleigh being pulled by six white boomers. Really, what the actual fuck?
This year was different. This year he would spend his first Christmas with Jack. Will could hardly believe the turn his life had taken this past ten months since he had met Jack, and he couldn't wait to share their first Christmas. After months of thinking and planning Will thought he had found the perfect gift… a replica of Michonne's katana from The Walking Dead. After Will had forced a walking dead-a-thon on Jack before the new series started, Jack had fallen in love with the zombie epic. Will had long been a huge fan of Daryl Dixon, even claiming an "addixon" to the character, but Jack had fallen hard for Michonne, lyrically rhyming that he'd like to “get it on with Michonne.” Honestly that man’s wit needed some serious help. He couldn't wait until tomorrow morning to see Jack’s face.
Fortunately Jack’s boss Pete had given him Christmas week off, though it had nothing to do with Christmas cheer or goodwill. Jack’s workmates had apparently requested the break… from Jack, so it was really their gift from Pete. Jack’s partner Kate was pregnant with her third child and had to go on early maternity leave thanks to some mild complications. Ivan Kessell, Jack’s giant sized work mate, had once described Kate as the leash that kept Jack in line, not very flattering perhaps, but apparently true. Jack had been driving everyone at the station absolutely bonkers for the last three weeks. While Will found many of Jack’s tantrums endearing, but that was usually because they weren't directed at him. Jack was a bear, a teddy bear to Will and apparently a grizzly to everyone else.


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Meet the Author

Karrie lives in Australia’s sunshine state with her husband and two sons, though she hates the sun with a passion. She dreams of one day living in the wettest and coldest habitable place she can find. She has been writing stories in her head for years but has finally managed to pull the words out of her head and share them with others. She spends her days trying to type her stories on the computer without disturbing her beloved cat Lu curled up on the keyboard. She probably reads far too much.

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