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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Knight of Sherwood by N.B. Dixon Tour


Title: Knight of Sherwood
Series: Outlaw’s Legacy, Book 2
Author: N.B. Dixon
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Release Date: September 14, 2017
Romance Genre(s): Historical, LGBT
Words: 145,000


About the Book


Robin returns to England after four years fighting in the holy land. On arriving at Locksley, he discovers that Guy of Gisborne, his most hated enemy, has been made Sheriff of Nottingham. Forced to flee into Sherwood, Robin sets himself up as champion of the poor. But Robin has a secret. His feelings for his friend Will Scathelock have deepened, but to acknowledge the truth would mean facing up to his past. Meanwhile Lady Marian Fitzwalter, heiress to the vast Huntingdon estate is determined to claim Robin for her own.


Two hours after his initial request, Robin was shown into the king’s tent. Richard was enjoying a cup of wine. Though thin from lack of food, he was still as vital as on the day Robin had first met him four years earlier.

A golden-haired minstrel was quietly plucking at his lute as Robin entered. At a nod from Richard, he bowed and withdrew. Robin knew the man by reputation: he was said to be Richard’s lover.

There was no smile on Richard’s face as he greeted Robin. “Well, Locksley, I understand someone broke into your tent and tried to kill you in your sleep.”

The king spoke in Norman French, the language of the aristocracy since the days of William the Conqueror.

Robin bowed and answered in the same tongue. “Yes, Sire. The assassin is dead. I believe he was sent personally to kill me.”

“Where is your proof? The man could have been anyone. Some knight you managed to get on the wrong side of. Why bring this to my attention?”

Robin kept his temper with difficulty. Things had been strained between him and Richard for some time. Robin knew he was fortunate to be alive after he had openly defied Richard. He had spoken out against the king’s desire to kill nearly three thousand Saracen prisoners after the fall of Acre. His public disobedience should have resulted in a death sentence, but for reasons best known to himself, the king had decided on a public flogging instead. It had been brutal. The wounds had become infected, leading to a fever Robin was lucky to have recovered from. Without Will’s care, things would have ended differently.

“The man entered the camp disguised as a messenger. He carried several rolls of parchment, though all were blank. One bore my insignia as a token to offer if he were challenged. It was carefully planned.”

“I see. I shall have the sentries questioned. We will get to the bottom of this.”

Robin felt an inward twinge of sympathy for whichever unfortunate man paid the price for the assassin’s infiltration.

“There is more, Sire. I believe the man was sent by Guy of Gisborne.”

Richard raised an eyebrow. “What makes you think so?”

“I found this ring on his body.” Robin held it up for inspection.

Richard gave it a cursory glance. “And this concerns me how?”

“If Gisborne is able to hire an assassin, it suggests he has powerful backing. He was in exile with not a penny nor land to his name. I think it likely that your brother may once more be up to no good and has rallied some of his old supporters who survived the rebellion.”

Robin saw that, at last, he had the king’s full attention.

Richard poured himself a fresh cup of wine. “I wouldn’t put it past my little brother to have grown restless in my absence. I will be returning to England soon enough, I suspect. We are almost within sight of Jerusalem. A few weeks’ delay to your journey will make little difference.”

Robin bit back the response that sprang to his tongue. The king was watching him closely.

“You have something to say, Locksley?”

“No, Sire. I am yours to command.”

Richard’s eyes took on a steely glint. “Humility does not suit you. I know what you would say. Jerusalem is close, but the army’s heart has gone out of the Crusade. You think I don’t know what my so-called allies whisper behind my back? Morale is low.”

The king lapsed into a brooding silence. Robin waited him out. He was on shaky ground and he knew it. Better to keep quiet than say the wrong thing and risk sparking off Richard’s legendary temper.

“Very well, Locksley. You have proved yourself loyal in the past despite your recent transgressions. You have my leave to return home. If rebellion is fermenting again, let my chancellor know it.”

Robin bowed. “As you wish, Sire.”

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About N.B. Dixon

Author Bio

N.B. Dixon is an author of historical fiction. Her love for the Robin Hood legend began in a neglected corner of the school library and has continued ever since. She is a self-confessed bookworm and also a musician. She began work on the Outlaw's Legacy series in 2013, and was accepted by Beaten Track Publishing in 2016. Outlaw's Legacy is a historical series based around the Robin Hood legend. The author describes it as Exciting Historical Adventure with GLBT romance.

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To celebrate the release of Knight of Sherwood, the second novel in the Outlaw’s Legacy series, N.B. Dixon is giving away an e-copy to 3 lucky winners. For your chance to win, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. The contest closes at midnight EST on September 29, 2017, and is open to entrants worldwide. Good luck!

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