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Thursday, November 16, 2017

SKIN HUNGER by Eli Lang Blog Tour

Hello, I’m Eli Lang.  Welcome to the blog tour for my contemporary f/f romance, Skin Hunger.  Join in on the discussion in the comments and have fun!  Thanks for stopping by!

About Skin Hunger

Ava should be living her dream as the drummer for Escaping Indigo. The problem is, she’s secretly in love with her bandmate, Tuck. But he’s fallen for someone else. Being a drummer is still the best, but for Ava, every day is also a reminder of what she can’t have.

With her grandmother moving into assisted living, Ava figures it’s a good time to head home and help out. And if it lets her get some distance from Tuck and his girlfriend, all the better. But Ava hasn’t visited her family in years, and home isn’t really home anymore. Instead, it’s the place she’s been running from, full of memories of everything her parents wanted for her—and everything she didn’t want for herself.

But on the airplane, Ava meets Cara, and the two women feel an immediate connection. And when they bump into each other a second time, it seems like fate. Cara offers Ava something she’s never had—someone to love who loves her back. But to be with Cara, Ava may have to change her whole life around, and that’s something she’s not sure she’s ready for.

Skin Hunger Exclusive Excerpt
It wasn’t quite dark out yet. The sun had been sinking lower and lower over the lake, only half of it visible when I’d gotten here. It was just a sliver now, and stars were starting to come out in the dark-blue sky. It was pretty, the type of pretty I forgot to notice all the time. The last red light of the sun on the lake, and the phone call with Tuck, and the whole day before it, had me feeling tired and worn and somewhat nostalgic. I wasn’t sure why. I wasn’t the kind of person who got mushy over stuff, or was even that sentimental. I just knew it was as if, ever since I’d gotten here, something inside me had been off.
I still had my phone in my hand, and before I could think too much about it, I sent a reply to Cara, asking her something silly about her day. It only took her a second to write back. I hesitated, then pressed down on her number until it dialed. I held the phone to my ear and waited, my heart a tight lump in my throat.
“You know you’re never supposed to do that, right?” she asked after we’d said hello. “Respond to a text with a call.”
“I don’t!” I said quickly, and I heard her laugh on the other end of the line. “I mean, I usually don’t.” I laughed too, buoyed by how happy she sounded. I wondered if she was always like that, at least part of her happy all the time. “I . . .” I sighed and trailed off.
“What?” She sounded more serious.
“Nothing. Just wanted to talk.”
“Okay.” It was hesitant, but it didn’t seem like she didn’t want to talk. “Well, I’m glad you called. Even if it is against the rules.”
I laughed. It felt good to talk to her, lighter and easier than talking to Tuck had been. “I solemnly promise not to do it again. What are you up to? Am I interrupting something?”
“No.” She sounded like she was walking somewhere outside. I could hear the breeze blowing past the phone, and the slight rush of traffic. “I got out of work a few minutes ago.”
“At the dance studio?” I was still fascinated by that. I used my body to make music—drumming was like a full-body sport and mind exercise, all rolled into one. But I didn’t make art out of the shapes I took. I didn’t bend my body into music. It was different, and thinking about Cara and the way she moved, the long lines she formed, made me want to see her dance. I wanted to know what she looked like under stage lights, wanted to see her body moved by music. I could almost picture it, from her pointed toes to her head held high, but I hadn’t watched enough dance to make it real. I’d need to see it for myself.
“Yeah. About to get some dinner.” She paused, and I waited. “Do you want to grab something to eat with me? Just casual,” she added quickly.
“So, not a date?” I was teasing, but I did want to know too. Fishing had its uses. At least it could sometimes get you the truth.
There was another pause, and I stared out over the lake and watched the last tiny piece of the sun sink behind the water.
“It could be a date,” she said, soft and slow, like she was afraid I might refuse her if she put it like that. “If you want.”
I took a deep breath. I’d been joking, kind of, but now I was tense all over, nervous in that way that was so good but so awful too. “I’d like that.”

About the Escaping Indigo Series

Escaping Indigo is a busy band, whether they’re playing edgy rock music in a darkened theater, touring the country together, or meeting up with other musicians at a summer festival. And they’re always writing new melodies, new riffs, and new lyrics to tell their stories.

Micah, a drummer, is hoping to leave the memories of his old band behind by going on tour with Escaping Indigo as a stagehand. But there he meets Bellamy, the lead singer, and he finds himself tangled in a romance that makes him face everything he’s lost.

Ava, drummer for Escaping Indigo, is hoping that time away from the band will give her a chance to sort through her complicated feelings for her best friend, who’s in love with someone else. But a chance meeting with a beautiful woman leads to an unexpected romance that makes Ava rethink her plans for her future.

From unrequited love to finding your way, old friendships to lost dreams, surprising secrets to unexpected encounters, Escaping Indigo has a song to suit.

About Eli Lang

Eli Lang is a writer and drummer. She has played in rock bands, worked on horse farms, and has had jobs in libraries, where she spent most of her time reading every book she could get her hands on. She can fold a nearly perfect paper crane and knows how to tune a snare drum. She still buys stuffed animals because she feels bad if they’re left alone in the store, believes cinnamon buns should always be eaten warm, can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the tardigrade, and has a book collection that’s reaching frightening proportions. She lives in Arizona with far too many pets.

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To celebrate the release of Skin Hunger, one lucky winner will receive an e-copy of both Escaping Indigo, the first in the Escaping Indigo series, and Half, also by Eli Lang! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on November 18, 2017. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!


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