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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

DEVIL SIDE by Lacey Dailey Blog Tour

Today we have the blog tour for Lacey Dailey’s DEVIL SIDE. Check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: Devil Side

Author: Lacey Dailey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Devil Side:

Unable to continue living on the path her father created for her, Gigi Moretti does something she’s never done before. She takes a risk. When musician Maxwell Mitchell waltzes into an old diner in the early morning up to his elbows in secrets, he offers Gigi the perfect escape from the future she’s never wanted. It takes an over the top demand from her father and a shocking revelation from her fake fiancé to get her to pack her bags and ride shotgun on Max’s spontaneous tour across the country. As she and Max grow closer, Gigi learns what it’s like to throw out her overbearing workload and be an actual 21-year-old. She quits her job, eats too many Cheetos, tosses out her pink wardrobe, and takes a job as Max’s manager. She’s finally free, living her life free of her dad’s grip and falling in deep with the musician whose songs hold stories no one will ever uncover and whose past includes a secret hero named Aiden he credits for his survival. The more time they spend together, the deeper they fall and the closer she gets to the truth. Despite the unknown, she’s happy. She has a job she enjoys, she’s making plans for a future she’s actually excited about, and she’s living with a boyfriend who adores her. Everything is perfect. And then she meets Aiden. And it all changes.



If I think about it, I can't be too grumpy about my four wasted years at Duke. I learned some interesting stuff. Met my best friends. And I’m still doing what I planned to do all along. Even if it took a little longer for me to get here, I’m still here. I’m still shoving last minute clothes into a duffel bag the size of Africa, and I’m still going to walk out my front door in ten minutes and start my life. Because that’s what I’m doing. I’m starting my life. I was supposed to be starting it all alone. Bringing a companion that isn’t my guitar was not part of the initial plan. In fact, if you would’ve told me last week I invited someone to come along, I would’ve laughed in your face. I like being alone. When I’m alone, nobody asks questions they shouldn’t. Nobody expects me to make conversation or indulge in self-disclosure. When I’m alone, nobody forces me to feel anything but contentment, and I can just be Max. 
            Even so, I couldn’t handle the way her big blue eyes filled to the brim with sadness or the way she cast her gaze into a cup of really shitty coffee. Despite the massive smile that made my heart sputter and body turn to jello, I knew she wasn’t happy. Maybe she was in that moment. But as soon as the alarm on her phone went off, her smile died and a solemn look folded over her face. It looked like it was on cue. Almost like it’s the face she wears every time she leaves that diner. It fucking killed me seeing an expression like that glued to a face like hers. Especially since I know now how gorgeous she is when she’s smiling.
            That smile ruined me.
            Shot rays right into my chest and caused something inside me to detonate. In retrospect, that really should’ve been enough for me to take back my offer. For a dude who spends a lot of energy making sure he stays stagnant in life, inviting somebody who has the capability to light my chest on fire probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But the way I see it is, my moms gave me the chance to break free from most of my chains. I wanted to give her the chance to break free from hers too. 
            I’ve texted Gia about fifty million times in the last twenty-four hours. I’ve gotten nothing but radio silence. You’d think after I blew up her phone she’d send a message barking at me to leave her the hell alone. Nope. Not Gia. From her, I get nothing. I shouldn’t be upset she doesn’t show up at eight. I shouldn’t be disappointed when I wait ten extra minutes just in case she slept late. I shouldn’t feel crushed when I trudge down the steps of my building and burst into the parking lot all alone. What I definitely shouldn’t feel is my heart slamming against my ribcage when it sees her standing next to my blacked-out dodge challenger, a suitcase at her feet and a coffee in her hand. 

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About Lacey Dailey:

Lacey Dailey is a full-time college student at Central Michigan University. She lives in Farwell, Michigan surrounded by her family. When she isn't in class, she is most likely teaching dance classes at the small dance studio she grew up in or making pizzas at her mother's pizzeria. Lacey has been an avid reader since elementary school and will read a book any chance she can get. While she loves all types of books, romance will always be her favorite genre citing she is, "a sucker for a good love story." Lacey's love for reading and romance was what inspired her to embark on the crazy adventure that was writing Extraordinary You, her debut novel released in 2017. She loves feedback from all readers who took a chance on her novel. You can find her on Facebook or email her at  

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