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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Outlier: Legacy by Daryl Banner Review

"You don't need all the power in the world. You only need enough."

In the second installment of the OUTLIER series, rebels armed with unique and fantastic abilities called Legacies continue to shake the Last City of Atlas from below, rising against the majestic, high-tech Lifted City and its cruel Banshee King, who can annihilate an army with just one scream. Friendships are made and broken as loyalties change. Love is ignited ... and savagely avenged. Can peace ever hope to be found? Will lost loved ones reunite? Unlikely alliances form and incredible new powers are discovered in the wake of the coming war between slum and sky. Weapons find your hand ... It is time to discover your Legacy. 

*It is recommended to read this series in order*

*Some portions of the book end in cliffhangers*







The Beautiful Dead (Book 1)
Dead of Winter (Book 2)
Almost Alive (Book 3)

The Slum Queen:  an Outlier prequel novella
Outlier:  Rebellion (Book 1)
Outlier:  Legacy (Book 2)
Outlier:  Reign of Madness (Book 3)
Outlier:  Beyond Oblivion (Book 4)
Outlier:  Five Kings (Book 5)

A series of standalone M/M romance novellas
Dorm Game (Book 1)
On the Edge (Book 2)
Owed by the Freshman (Book 3)
Dog Tags (Book 4)
All Yours Tonight (Book 5)
Straight Up (Book 6)
Houseboy Rules (Book 7)

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Daryl Banner is a writer and composer who graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Theatre and Psychology.

He does not write in any single genre, as his stories tend to span several. He is most inspired by the smart and unlikely hero, but urges you (the reader) not to fall in love with them; they may deceive you with their innocence. He is thrilled by putting his characters in terrible situations where they must face choices and challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

Daryl Banner writes contemporary fiction, sci-fi/fantasy (both in medieval and futuristic senses), unique takes on the apocalypse and paranormal romance genre, as well as magic realism. He cannot wait to hear what you think about his stories and welcomes (and responds to!) all feedback.

Interesting tidbits: Daryl is also an obsessive piano player, video game enthusiast, and occasional actor. He's been remixing video game music for over fifteen years, and is a passionate Final Fantasy fan. You can feed your ears with many of his remixes (as well as his original music) on his YouTube page "". Also, he personally answers all emails he receives, so if you have some strange desire to write him, he may enjoy it. He currently resides in Texas.


Outlier: Legacy (Outlier, #2)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Outlier: Legacy is amazing! I would probably best categorize it as dystopian urban fantasy. I would place the major traditional themes as man vs. man, man vs. himself and man vs. society and the major updated themes as overcoming the monster, quest and tragedy. It deals in many areas including adventure, mystery, death, family, romance, friendship and more. Examples of many common life sayings can be seen such as you reap what you sew and the world isn't fair.

The setting is Atlas, the last city at some point in the future. People no longer sleep after toddler age, and everyone has a Legacy (sort of like a superpower). The range of the legacies goes from almost insignificant to practically godly. Most of the populace live in the slums. High society, including the king, lives in the Lifted City, which is actually located in the sky over the slums.

There are several characters of interest so the story changes between the points of view of each. This gives the reader a true perspective of what's going on all around Atlas. The actions each character takes or doesn't take affect them all. Everyone is connected (it's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon). The Lesser family is a major focal point (kind of like the Starks, with hopefully a lower death rate). I could never help but feel that everything centers on them, but they aren't the sole catalyst of the series. Many impressive and disturbing citizens rise and fall during this battle for survival and power. Everyone has their own agenda so it boils down to several basic questions for the reader. What lengths will someone go to protect their family, be with their lover or get revenge? What makes a villain? How far is too far to be justified? What/who is important? What are the Legacies?

I want to discuss so many details, but this is one of those types of books where almost anything is a spoiler. I can't express enough how much I loved Outlier: Legacy. Everyone should read it.

***copy given in exchange for an honest review***


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