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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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Positive. With two little lines on a pregnancy test, everything in Lizzy Rollins' ordinary life is about to change forever. And all because of one big mistake in Vegas with Ben Nicholson, the irresistibly sexy bass player for Stage Dive. So what if Ben's the only man she's ever met who can make her feel completely safe, cherished, and out of control with desire at the same time? Lizzy knows the gorgeous rock star isn't looking for anything more permanent than a good time, no matter how much she wishes differently.

Ben knows Lizzy is off limits. Completely and utterly. She's his best friend's little sister now, and no matter how hot the chemistry is between them, no matter how sweet and sexy she is, he's not going to go there. But when Ben is forced to keep the one girl he's always had a weakness for out of trouble in Sin City, he quickly learns that what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there. Now he and Lizzie are connected in the deepest way possible...but will it lead to a connection of the heart?

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“Where have you been?” My sister rushed forward, catching me up in a tight hug. “I’ve been trying to call you all day. We checked everywhere and couldn’t find you.”
“Sorry. I just needed some alone time.” I squeezed her back, unable to stop from smiling. The thought of Anne turning her back on me had scared me more than I liked to admit.
“Well, I get you might want that.” She stepped back. “But you could have told someone.”
“You can’t just disappear like that.” And Ben kept right on frowning. “Shit, Liz, you’re pregnant.”
“Don’t upset her,” snapped Anne.
Ben ignored her. “I don’t know what the hell’s going on in your head. But you need to let me know where you are.”
My eyebrows went up and my mouth opened, ready to rip him a new one.
“She doesn’t answer to you. She’ll let you know if and when she decides to let you know,” said Mal, laying down the law to his bandmate before turning my way. “You will text your sister next time you decide to go wandering for a day, understood?”
My mouth, it still hung open.
“Christ, man.” Over and over, Ben’s hands rolled into tight fists before releasing again. “Can you cut the shit and get off my back for a fucking minute?”
“Don’t swear at him.” My usually sensible and staid sister poked a finger dead center in Ben’s broad chest. “You’re the one that caused this mess, thank you very much. She might still be a little young and naive, but you’re definitely old enough to know better.”

“That’s right.” Standing about as tall as a skyscraper, despite only coming up to Ben’s nose, Mal stared him down. Or up. Whatever. “This is a family matter. You can leave, thanks.”

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Meet Ben and Lizzy on March 31st!

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Stage Dive Series Reading Order

Lick (Book One)
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Play (Book Two)
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Lead (Book Three)
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Deep (Book Four)
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About the Author:
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Kylie is a long time fan of erotic love stories and B-grade horror films. She demands a happy ending and if blood and carnage occur along the way then all the better. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and one delightful husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

Kylie is represented by Amy Tannenbaum at the Jane Rotrosen Agency, New York.

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Deep (Stage Dive, #4)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series has been 5 stars across the board for me. If you liked the others, rest assured Deep is more of the same great writing. I got so into the story. I laughed and cried along with the characters. It's not just about the main couple. All my favorite people fulfilled their parts.
Each of the guys plays a role in the band. Not just an instrument, but a piece of the puzzle that makes them work. Dave's the sensitive poet, Mal's the loudmouth clown, and Jimmy's the brooding bastard. But Ben, he just goes on with the work, doing his thing.

Oh how I heart these men, and that is a perfect description of them. It's easy to fall for book boyfriends. In this series, you fall just as hard for the ladies. The whole group even side characters makes for a remarkable family atmosphere. I just want to be a part of it so badly.

Deep is about the base player Ben finding his love connection. Ben is super tall and big with a beard. He's the last single Stage Dive member. Each man had different issues along the way in the area of romance. Ben's problem is that he's happy where he is in life. He's not in the business to be flashy. Being rich and famous aren't his goals. He's not a bad guy. He's not super wild. He's just living his dream, giving his all to music. Music is first in his life so he never plans to get serious with a woman.

Liz is a goner the moment she sees Ben. He just 'does it' for her. She can't get him out of her head so she pursues him.

Liz does get her piece of Ben with added complications, but will it is a good thing or a bad thing?

I recommend this book to everyone, and it's a definite must to any Stage Dive fan.

***copy given in exchange for an honest review***