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Friday, November 28, 2014

FLAWED by Francette Phal BLOG TOUR Review


That's the only memory he carries from a childhood he does not remember. And now it is all he knows. Blood is his life.

Knox Bishop has done a lot of horrible things, all at the command of the man who holds his leash. It's a matter of loyalty for him. Allegiance to the man who saved his life when he was a child. So he goes where he is needed and does what he is told. He tortures. He kills. He kills. He tortures. It is an unrelenting cycle that he constantly craves and can never quite satisfy.

Until her.

Eighteen year old Lacey Barnes distributes her assets to fund her dreams. Medical school is the end game and she is determined to get there by any means necessary. But a family member's careless mistake derails her plans and now she must pay a price in order to save him.

She goes to Knox willingly offering him the only valuable thing she has. Herself. In doing so he allows her into his world, a world filled with darkness but rather than being scared it intrigues her. It lures her, calls to something in her that she hadn't known existed until he awakened it.

Every bit of his flaws is reflected in her and Knox will do anything to keep her in the darkness with him.



I’m not what you would call normal. The word has no meaning to me. But I’ve been pretending to act normal. It’s something I’ve been practicing since I’ve been aware of the thrum and its significance in my life. I was seven when I first heard the lullaby. Second grade, just before recess. It happened in a squall. Nothing and then all at once. I remember everything about that day. The bell rang and the other children went to play. Not me. Never me. I always stayed behind, mostly by choice, but never contested because the other children thought I was weird. I think maybe they unconsciously knew that I was lacking something fundamental. Something they all had and I didn’t, and maybe even never had at all. Whatever it was, I was alienated, excluded from their games. But I couldn’t say it bothered me. I was indifferent to it. Katia would sometimes play with me. Yuri’s youngest daughter, my adoptive sister, kept me company when she wasn’t with her own friends. But she’d been home sick that day.
In the small classroom with its oversized, rainbow-colored letters hanging over the chalkboard and tiled number blocks littering the carpeted floor, I sat in the beanbag chair staring fixatedly at the class pet. Sweet Ms. Devon always stayed with me but she’d left for a moment. A moment to heat her lunch. A moment to speak to a fellow staff member in the teachers’ lounge. But it’d been a moment too long for me. The noise in my head had been too loud. The urge too strong. The pink-eyed little rabbit, Mr. Apples, and the yellow pair of scissors sitting blades down in Ms. Devon’s “Best Teacher” mug had been too much of a temptation for me to resist.
The pounding of my heart. The lullaby and the thrum. The latch had given way beneath my shaking fingers, soaked with apprehension and anticipation. The struggle. The frantic movement of something living, something warm, with the same accelerated heartbeat as mine grappling for life. Desperate for freedom even while knowing the inevitable hand of death loomed was intoxicating. The thrill, the excitement, the sweet seductive power. I swam in it. Like too much candy on Halloween. Too much ice cream in the summer. It had been a quick death for Mr. Apples. It had been crude. Amateurish. But ever so effective in quieting the discord of my mind.
Poor, sweet Ms. Devon came to find me on the floor of the overly-bright classroom. Huddled on the floor, covered in Mr. Apples. She’d been one to smile a lot. But I stole her smile that day and replaced it with horror instead. Her pretty features contorted like a Kabuki mask.

Francette lives in Massachusetts with her amazingly supportive husband of ten years and her darling two year old son. Reading amazing books has led her to writing and she’s dabbled in fan-fiction before self-publishing her own works. She’s constantly thinking up new stories to write and does her best work when music is playing in the background. Romance is where she’s most comfortable but she hopes to one day venture in mystery novels. She has a weakness for coffee ice cream, tropical fruits and a good glass of wine.

Flawed (The Butcher, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lacey is a high school senior honor student. She comes from the trashiest of backgrounds. Her mother is a crack head/junkie/prostitute. Her brother is a low life user. How someone with so much fire came from such hopelessness is a mystery. In order to live, Lacey is also a prostitute. She has a small clientele of steady johns. Her goal is to save money for medical school, but her family is like a yoke around her neck constantly dragging her down and using her money.
I'm a deer in his headlights. There's no left or right for me. No up or down. No chance of looking away from the disaster that's about to happen to me.

Knox works for the Russian mob. He "takes care" of people the boss needs removed. Unlike most hit men, he doesn't do it for the money or the power—it's not a job, it's his passion, his life. Knox is a serial killer that gets to feed his hunger in a way that is useful to his boss. As far back as he can remember, he has never had any connection to another person or any emotion besides the desire to kill. He is indifferent to love, hate, happiness, sadness, fear... The name of this series is The Butcher so just imagine what you will.
He isn't sane. Not even a little bit. Everything he's done to me up to this point proves that.

Lacey, yet again trying to save her ungrateful family members, ends up indebted to Knox. There is something about her tenacity that intrigues him. She's like a puzzle that he needs to work out. How far can he push her before she breaks?
I think it might be a reflection of the sort of person he is on the inside. Beautiful, yet irredeemably evil.

This book is filled with unlikable characters. Lacey's mother and brother are of course on the list along with several minor assholes at her school. But the biggest bitch of all is Katia. I don't know when I have hated a book persona this much.

There are so many things I'm not even going into about title. It has some deep twists and turns. There are explanations, connections and surprises. These things need to be learned as you read so that you may get the full emotional blow.

For those looking for a dark read that is truly dark, not sort of, but the real deal, which also has an awesome storyline this is the book for you. Sometimes a book is labeled dark, and it isn't. This book is dark. Sometimes a dark book takes it too far and becomes a horror story. You end up not caring about the characters. That isn't the case here. I was totally into this book and the outcomes. I highly recommend it.

5+ flawless black stars

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren Review

Dirty Rowdy Thing

Published: Simon & Schuster Gallery (Nov 4, 2014)
Category: Adult (Erotic Romance)
Series: Wild Seasons

The New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful BastardBeautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player starts a brand new story of friends, love, and lust with Book Two of the Wild Seasons series.
Despite their rowdy hookups, Harlow and Finn don’t even like each other . . . which would explain why their marriage lasted only twelve hours. He needs to be in charge and takes whatever he wants. She lives by the Want-something-done? Do-it-yourself mantra. Maybe she’s too similar to the rugged fisherman—or just what he needs. 

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One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.

But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play.

When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away

Bio / Social Media

Lauren Billings (but everyone calls her Lo) has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and before she made writing her full-time job, would spend her days doing nerdy research-type things wearing a lab coat and goggles. She is silly Mommy to two littles, wife to one mountain biking homebrewing scientist, bestie to a shoe-stealer, and an unabashed lover of YA and romance.
Christina Hobbs (but you’ll always hear Lo call her PQ) used to spend her days in a junior high counseling office surrounded by teenagers. Married to the cutest boy in school, she has a thirteen year old daughter, is an unapologetic lover of boy bands and glitter, and also likes to steal Lo’s shoes.
You can follow their shenanigans at:
@lolashoes (Lauren) & @seeCwrite (Christina) on Twitter. On Tumblr! where we post kissing gifs and writerly stuff and Wattpad for short stories and sneak peeks!
For official information about their books, events, interviews, movie news and more, follow @beautifulbastrd.


Dirty Rowdy Thing (Wild Seasons, #2)Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really liked this book, even more than I was expecting I would. I super adore getting to know all the friends more and more. I appreciate how different each couple is.

Ansel from the first book still pops up some, and I still love him. He's so outgoing and majorly lovable and silly.
Finn is more reserved. I like the strong, silent type as well. I definitely respect a man who works hard for a living. Finn is a decision maker and provider. Of course I fell for him too. Finn also comes with special bedroom tricks.
"Finn is sweet, and funny and stoic in this way that is totally foreign to me but I actually really appreciate, coming from the Family That Discusses Everything. And he's hot. Dear Lord, you guys. Finn in bed is no joke. And he's not a whiny La Jolla mama's boy, he's a man who was raised to get shit done, and not cry over hangnails. Finn could break your vagina and be just handy enough to put it back together."

As far as female leads go, I love Harlow. She is so refreshing. She's not a wimp or a badass on a mission. She real and honest and open. I think I have a lady crush, seriously. It's not rare at all for me to have the hots for the male lead, but falling for the chick is otherworldly.
"Shh, Poodle. I'm having a Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing moment right now."
"Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" he asks, bending to lick up my neck.
"I carried a watermelon."
He pulls back and looks at me before ducking to sniff my breath. "How drunk are you?"
"For the love of God, man, I'm not drunk. Get naked or put that mouth between my legs."

The relationship between these two is awesome for the most part. They usually just say what they mean. Not much beating around the bush or miscommunication. They are both going through their own hard times which causes some issues, but there is no denying the pull they have to each other.

Of course, as usual, I have to give credit to any Harry Potter reference.
"That's because Ansel's over there trying to suck your soul out through your mouth like some sort of Dementor."

There is some drama, but I'm grateful to have characters behave mostly maturely. Great book, and I'm looking forward to more from this series.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

'Til Death: Volume One by Bella Jewel Release Blitz and Review

Title: 'Til Death: Volume One
Series: 'Til Death #1
Author: Bella Jewel
 Release Date: November 25, 2014


They say there's a fine line between love and hate.

There is.

I married a douchebag.

I didn't know it at the time.

He came in like a handsome stranger and blew me off my feet.

I fell madly in love, like the naive girl I am.

Then he left me high and dry.

Turns out, I was nothing more than a business plan for billionaire playboy, Marcus Tandem.

He needed to be married in order to obtain his grandfathers business, and I was the poor victim in his path.

I believed in what we had, until the truth reared its ugly head.

I never meant anything to Marcus. Not a damned thing.

With my world spinning on its axis, the girl I once was has long since died.

Instead he left me as this empty, emotionless shell.

I may have made a vow before God to love and cherish him ‘Til Death do we part, but it’s time for me to give back to Marcus, exactly what he gave me.

He has to pay.

And pay he will.

*This is part of a two book series and it will contain a HEA – Readers over 18+

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Book Trailer

Author Bio

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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'Til Death ('Til Death, #1)'Til Death by Bella Jewel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At the beginning of this story, the author gives a statement something along the lines of this book is overdramatized on purpose, the reader isn't suppose to dissect each action and focus on if they believe a person would actually do what the characters do. I took that in and kept it in mind while reading.
I love him in a way that's toxic. I know it because no matter how much my heart screams at me that something isn't right, I can't stay away. Marcus is hard, he's broody, he's not soft and he's not gentle but when he's inside me, deep inside, I feel him. I feel everything he refuses to let me see. And it's amazing. It's also how he got under my skin and stayed there.

This book is angsty in that you know bad times are coming. You don't know when the bottom is going to drop, but you know it will. The story flips between current times and past. This allowed for both mystery and a sort of connecting of the dots of certain events.

Marcus and Katia's relationship is like a ticking bomb. There are factors coming in from all sides to destroy it, including within. Katia completely worships Marcus. Marcus is a business machine for the most part. Family and friends come in to play. Everyone seems to be interconnected somehow. Since it is an unfinished story, I cannot give too many details because facts are meant to be learned a drop at a time while reading. Several points are made, but it keeps coming back to love and deceit.
"I'm asking you—no, I'm begging you—don't make me your toy. Pick someone else. Anyone else."

I found this entertaining, and I will read book 2 for sure.
FYI:  Marcus has an off-the-charts hotness factor...

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***


Monday, November 24, 2014

Love You Senseless by Susan Mac Nicol Blog Tour Review

Book Title:   Love You Senseless: Men of London
Author:  Susan Mac Nicol
Publisher:   Boroughs Publishing Group
Book Length:  160 pages
Genre:  Gay, Romance, Novel

Book Blurb

One of London’s up-and-coming chefs, Eddie Tripp has just the right recipe to drive tragedy from the mind of Gideon Kent—and leave him senseless with desire. 

From Soho to Norwich, there’s no escaping love. 

An award-winning chef with his own restaurant and an inexhaustible passion, Gideon Kent once had everything. Then came tragedy. It stole more than Gideon’s home. He hasn’t cooked since. 

Until Eddie Tripp. Fun-loving and vivacious, the Norfolk redhead’s a real up-and-comer in Gideon’s kitchen—and other places. Slim where Gideon’s broad, easy-going where Gideon is growly, he and Gideon seem polar opposites, and yet Eddie conjures flavors that would tempt anyone with a taste for perfection. The sauce of love is already simmering, and this pair is about to dine on the most delicious dish they’ve ever prepared. Because Eddie’s been Gideon’s missing ingredient all along.

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It was around seven o’clock when he made his way back from a quick meeting with Sarah and heard giggles and deep masculine laughter from Carmen’s office. He’d thought about Carmen’s words earlier and decided that perhaps he might have an early night and get upstairs by eight tonight. He wasn’t going to Bon Appétit, not on a goth night—Gideon shivered at the thought—but he might start that DVD box set he had of Game of Thrones. A night in sounded like a plan. He had plenty in his kitchen to eat and he was sure he could knock up something nutritious if not tasty. He still cooked for himself as it was plain, simple food that didn’t need much effort. Eating nowadays for him was a means to end and no longer any form of enjoyment.

He wandered over to Carmen’s office, jacket slung over his arm, and stood at the door. He stopped dead, his heart beating like a pacemaker gone wrong and his dick instantly standing to attention at the scene before him. Eddie stood with his back to him, in black skin-tight leather trousers, and Gideon could hardly drag his eyes away. The leather fabric hugged a taut, round backside, clearly defined in its two parts and leaving little to the imagination. His feet were encased in high-heeled, studded boots that made his normal five-foot-five or -six height closer to eye level at Gideon’s just over six-foot. Eddie wore a black, silky, skin-tight tank top, showing off well-defined arms and pecs that Gideon didn’t even know he had. Eddie tended to wear loose tee shirts and baggy jeans most of the time.

This strongly muscled, very sexy figure was miles away from the Eddie that cooked in the kitchen.
Gideon felt faint.

Eddie’s rich red hair was streaked with what looked like black boot polish and he had long gold hoop earrings in both ears. He looked like pure sin on legs and Gideon wanted to sin with him, oh so badly.

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Author Bio

Susan Mac Nicol is a self confessed bookaholic, an avid watcher of videos of sexy pole dancing men, self confessed geek and nerd and in love with her Smartphone. This little
treasure is called ‘the boyfriend’ by her long suffering husband, who says if it vibrated,
there’d be no need for him. Susan hasn’t had the heart to tell him there’s an app for that…

She is never happier than when sitting in the confines of her living room/study/on a cold station platform scribbling down words and making two men fall in love. She is a romantic at heart and believes that everything happens (for the most part) for a reason. 
She likes to think of herself as a ‘half full’ kinda gal, although sometimes that philosophy is sorely tested.

Lover of walks in the forest, theatre productions, dabbling her toes in the cold North Sea
and the vibrant city of London where you can experience all four seasons in a day , she is a hater of pantomime (so please don’t tar and feather her), duplicitous people, bigotry and self righteous idiots.

In an ideal world, Susan Mac Nicol would be Queen of England and banish all the bad people to the Never Never Lands of Wherever -Who Cares. As that’s never going to happen, she contents herself with writing her HEA stories and pretending, that just for a
little while, good things happen to good people.

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1st Prize: A signed copy of Double Alchemy  (1 winner)
2nd & 3rd Prize: Two e-books, reader's choice, any book they want (Susan Mac Nicol back list), any format (2 winners)


Love You Senseless (Men of London Book 1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my take on the story and may not necessary be true to what the author is projecting. Love You Senseless is about a ragtag group of everyday people with quirks and faults that come together to make a lovable friends/family of sorts.

The two main characters are Eddie and Gideon. Both are excellent chefs, but both have their own issues going on besides. Eddie is a total sweetheart. He is definitely a nurturer, caring for friends, family and even his grumpy boss. Gideon is the grumpy boss. He was in an accident where he saw a friend die and which caused the loss of his sense of smell and taste. For someone who deals in food, this is a huge deal.
Gideon had no doubt that his feelings for Eddie, even in just such a short time, were not simply a matter of lust. Eddie was peace to Gideon's war, his warmth to Gideon's chill.

We meet several characters along the way. Since this is a series, maybe we had the introduction of some of the future love interests. Eddie helps to pull Gideon from dark hole. In the process, the reader falls for this two while they fall for each other.
The fact he loved the man senseless was certainly a step in the right direction. The fact he was loved back—that was a definite plus in his book.

I found this to be a sweet, fun, sexy and heartwarming story. I will certainly read the next book.

4+ I-need-a-group-of-friends-like-this-crazy-bunch stars

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***