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Friday, June 12, 2015

Shut Up & Kiss Me by Madeline Sheehan & Claire C. Riley Blog Tour Review

ShutUp ebook

She ran from her past.
After relocating from a small town in Tennessee, Mila has been living in New York City for a year in half, more than happy to be lost in the crowd. Living vicariously through her best friend and roommate Nikki, Mila spends her day’s waitressing and her evenings at home. Then, one night, after getting exclusive tickets to a nightclub downtown, Nikki is able to convince Mila to let loose for once.
He’s running from his future.
Having lived a privileged life, William is used to getting what he wants, and who he wants. Now though, in his thirties, he’s bored, and seeking more from his life than mindless sex, and even worse—mindless women. Spotting Mila from across the club he senses right away that she’s different from what he’s used to, an observation that proves true.
One night together will change everything for both of them. Pasts and futures will collide, secrets will be revealed, and the results will transform both their lives forever.



Shut Up & Kiss Me

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mila left everything behind when she moved from a small town in Tennessee to New York City. She keeps her head down, only going to work and then home. Her roommate is a bit more wild and finally talks her into going to an exclusive club. Will approaches her and she decides to give in to the freedom of whatever will happen for the night. Both already have the groundwork for completely different futures laid out for them, but this single hook up changes things in major ways.

Shut Up and Kiss Me is one of those stories that you can't give much detail without giving away the entire plot. I will say this much. It has a healthy dose of romance and some sexy times with a bit of suspense and thriller. I like that the sex was hot and kept realistic. Mila isn't a sex kitten or a virginal princess. She's a beautiful yet awkward everyday girl. Will is delicious, wealthy and honorable. He isn't an alpha or a badass. He's just looking for something real in a world of fake. There's family drama, great friendships and movie style kissing-while-the-busy-world-passes-you-by scenes. The storyline was believable and entertaining. The characters were relatable and easy to like. I read both authors' separate works also. If their previous books didn't quite work for you, but you do like contemporary romance, this is probably for you.

PS. Even though he wasn't the male lead, I really liked Richard. As far as I know, this is a standalone, but I wouldn't be opposed to more from him. #Claimed *wink*

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