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Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the Naughty List by Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Beth Ciotta, and Sugar Jamison Review

And all the best gifts worth giving... 

*On the Naughty List is a collection of holiday stories from some of today's brightest stars*

Lori Foster
Christmas Bonus 
The workplace is heating up for the holidays when two colleagues who are planning a Christmas party side-by-side end up making love their main order of business.

Carly Phillips
Naughty Under the Mistletoe 
A no-nonsense lawyer intent on seducing her boss ends up having a scandalous-and utterly magical-moment with his twin instead.

Sugar Jamison
Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas 
Dina Gregory returns to New York for the holidays. Her mission: To locate her young son's father. Her surprise: His HOT brother.

Beth Ciotta 
Some Kind of Wonderful 
Two old friends-who seem to have little left in common-are come home for the holidays. But when they end up stranded together during a blizzard, they know just how to keep each other warm. . .

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On the Naughty List

On the Naughty List is a seasonal mix with something for everyone.

Christmas Bonus is an office romance. They've loved each other for years. She's the boss's daughter and later the boss. He's the star employee. They're finally connected in a really creative way. If you're looking for some short and lusty, this is the story for you.

Naughty Under the Mistletoe is sort of an office romance too. She's the good girl who thinks her boss his hot and finally decides to go for it at the company Christmas party. It turns out to be his twin, and he's ready to take her up on the invitation. This short goes from sexy to love with a high heat factor.

Some Kind of Wonderful is about a wounded war vet and his female best friend from childhood. They both are home for the holidays in the town where they grew up together, but something is different. The air between them starts sparking. This is a fun modern spin on the classic A Christmas Carol. This story is more for those looking for Christmas magic than erotic scenes.

Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas is definitely the belle of ball in this anthology for me. I loved it. She's majorly entertaining and unable to stop saying all the things that pop into her head. She used to be wild and ended up pregnant by a rich playboy. He dropped her as soon as the news touched his ears. She's did the struggling single mom thing for several months and is finally going to insist the dead beat dad give her a little from his millions. She's in for a surprise when she finds his older brother instead. This story is sweet and saucy. It tickled me and kept me entertained the entire time.

***copy given in exchange for an honest review***


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