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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Blackmailing Neigbour by Craig Lowe Review


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The Blackmailing Neighbour by Craig Lowe

When Craig comes home from work one night while his wife is away with work he is surprised to find a note asking him to visit his neighbour Jack. He soon finds out that Jack has information his wife may like to know and the blackmailing of Craig begins. Jack doesn't want money though. He wants Craig.

Author Bio

Craig Lowe is born and bred in Scotland having lived all his days in the heart of Edinburgh. He lives in his flat with his best friend Crispin, his golden Lab. When not writing, Craig enjoys nights out, attending networking meets, and exploring the scenic sites of Scotland and the rest of the UK.
He first became interested in writing erotica after participating in a competition with a local writing club and coming in the top ten for his short story. He has dabbled in various types of erotica involving straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, and TV/TS story lines.

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    The Blackmailing NeighbourThe Blackmailing Neighbour by Craig Lowe

    I would label this short as depraved. It's not dark or taboo, but it's not about matters of the heart or real world problems either. The Blackmailing Neighbor is the story of a fantasy, the kind you have but don't share because of what others would think.

    Craig is a married man, but his wife is out of town all the time with her job. They barely see each other but have no plans to end the marriage. Craig frequently pays female escorts to get his rocks off and identifies himself as completely straight.

    One day he finds a note from a neighbor to come to the neighbor's house to discuss a matter. Jack, an older man, then becomes The Blackmailing Neighbor. Holding something over Craig's head, Jack soon has Craig doing many things which he had never imagined he would do.
    "Go on. Get down and suck my cock."
    I think that was the very moment I became his.

    I felt him move my arms so he was pinning them with his legs and then he moved his hands back to holding my legs down. He started thrusting hard and fast into my mouth, fucking it as hard as I would usually fuck my wife's pussy. I couldn't move or stop it, I could only lay there and let it happen.

    The reader isn't meant to focus on the believability of whether or not he would actually do it or whatever. Everything isn't a fairytale-isk hot dream. Instead, the reader knows he's enjoying it, and it fulfills the need of a raunchy desire, dirty not pretty.

    ***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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