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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder Review

Complementary Colors 
Adrienne Wilder

My sister Julia manipulated my life into a prison to keep me silent about our dirty family secret. Her greed made me a slave and circumstance left me with no way to escape.

Trapped, the only way I could silence the nightmares driving me to insanity was to wrap them in color, hold them with shadow, and stitch them to negative space with line.

But no matter how bright the pigments, no one could see my confession.

Except for Roy Callahan.

I thought he was just another nameless one-night stand in a long line of many. 
But I was wrong. Roy could see past the façade of my life and through the veil color over the canvas. He could see what the world couldn’t.

And with him I’d find the courage to tell the truth about the boy.

The boy who kissed me.
The boy who loved me.
The boy whose name I couldn’t remember.

Georgia born and bred, I am an artist, a writer, and a general pain in the ass. 
I spend most of my days working on my next book or designing cover art for other writers. For stress relief I do olympic lifting and occasionally run (but hate it). I have been in love with writing since I was very young but it wasn't until recently that I decided to pursue it as a profession. 

I have experimented in several genres and found that since I identify as male, male romance has been the most comfortable for me to write. I don't discriminate in my books. All characters are fair game. I do however, prefer a happy ending at some level. 

I don't write the standard romance book. Some might even argue that what I write isn't romance at all. Personally I think of them as love stories, where even in a fantastical world, there are realistic outcomes to the obstacles the characters face. 

Many of my books have dark turns and twists where the characters fight for the light at the end of the tunnel. I write action, fist fights, gun fights, down right dirty evil people who have to be stopped, things catch fire, blow up, and fall in. My characters come in a unique range. They are not all good guys, but the majority of them have very good hearts. Many of them have been through hell in their lives, and many of them have a laundry list of faults. But hopefully they manage to surprise you with their tenacity and loyalty. 

If all goes well, there will be a myriad of different kinds of books available this year. If I am really lucky, you will enjoy them.

Complementary Colors

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this book. It contains two elements of great interest to me: psychology and m/m relationship. I feel that both parts were so well developed that either could have carried the book by itself.

Mental health is one of my biggest fascinations. I am not a psychologist, but I have taken loads of classes on the subject. I believe the author is very accurate in her depiction of how a mind is broken and the after effects. All of the build-up, background and steps to overcome were completely gripping. I was full of emotions through it all. I just have to throw in that Julia is my most hated character of all time.

The connection between Roy and Paris is beautiful. The author does such a wonderful job of making them real. I love reading M/M, but often it just feels like it's written just for the sexy (much the same with a lot of M/F written these days). I actually felt the bond between them and loved the sex scenes because I sensed they were truthful. The lengths they were willing to go to protect or save the other made my heart swell. These guys are definitely one of my favorite couples. So much about Paris broke my heart. And Roy is so sweet. Where do I find my Roy?

I can't gush enough about how much I am enthralled by this story. This book is one of my top reads ever.

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