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Saturday, February 25, 2017

MAX by Bey Deckard #TopReads2016 Interview

How did the idea for this book evolve?

I got the idea when my then therapist and I began regularly texting each other movie recommendations and had started saving the last 20 minutes of our sessions together to discuss the minds and motivations of movie serial killers, sociopaths, criminals... Now this therapist was a nice guy, real white-bread Anglo, fresh-out-of-school in his late thirties, who knew absolutely zero about sexual kinks but was oddly drawn to anything dark and deviant (in fiction). I sat there thinking to myself that he'd be the type who, if he wasn't careful, would get taken advantage of by some psycho with nothing better to do but fuck with him. And... that he would love it. Heh. 

Originally, it was just going to be a week-by-week therapy session to post on my site for when I needed to get away and just write something completely insane and fun. However, by session three, I was itching to just write the whole thing, so I did. And I'm glad! People seem to really dig it. I've got a sequel brewing, but no idea when that'll happen. 

Please tell a little about your releases in 2016.

I only released two books in 2016. One was the aforementioned Max and the other is Kestrel's Talon

 is the story of a psychologist who falls down the rabbit hole created by his charmingly sinister patient. It's a psychological thriller and not for the faint of heart but if you like things dark and twisty, it's a fun book. I loved every minute of writing it. It's now also available in audiobook format, narrated by Nick J. Russo and it's whispersynced so if you have the kindle version, the audiobook is hella cheap and I really recommend it, if only for Nick's Italian accent near the end. I loved it. Info on purchasing it (audiobook, ebook, paperback) and the soundtrack can be found here:

Kestrel's Talon is an epic fantasy about a kingdom full of rampant corruption and slavery, an ancient people wiped out, and war on the horizon.
A count with a terrible curse, a beautiful slave with a powerful secret, and an ex-soldier with a traumatic past come together in the book. It's sort of inspired by Gormenghast (Mervyn Peake), Beauty and the Beast (Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, not the Disney version heh), and you know, general quest/good vs evil type of fantasy books that fill my own personal library. It's a long book and the first in a duology. Oh! And there's a dog in it too. All the details for buying the ebook or paperback or listening to the soundtrack can be found here:
And this is a painting I commissioned of the trio by the very talented Catherine Dair:

What were your top reads for 2016 (or if that's too difficult, just some of recommendations from any year)?  Explain why everyone else should read them.

Want to hear something terrible? I read nine books last year. Nine! I don't think I've ever read so few books in one year in my life. Before I started writing, I easily read 250 books a year.
Let's see... of those nine I would highly recommend Xperiment by Dan Skinner. Super relevant right now with what's happening in the States. ->
And the other would be Strength in Numbers (the sequel to Would I Lie to You? by Brad Vance. Great fun and I'm looking forward to the next. ->

What tv shows were your favorites in 2016?  What's currently on your to be binged list?

Favourites in 2016 include The Night Manager (I also highly recommend the book!), Peaky BlindersGoT (of course!), Misfits, Stranger Things, Black SailsWestworld, The FallMr. Robot, and The Knick. All incredible shows IMO.

Right now I'm a little obsessed with Taboo and I've been watching Frontier too which is good. I'm planning on watching the next seasons of some of the above as they come out, and I really should get caught up with Vikings. So much TV, so little time. I have books to write!

What can readers expect from you in 2017?

I'll be releasing my newest book Exposed mid March (or earlier?) 

Novel (80,000 words)
Themes: age gap, daddy kink

With middle-age looming, Greg offsets his boring day job with what truly feeds his soul: photography. The camera is an extension of himself where he exposes his passion for the intersect of pleasure and pain. However, the lens also acts as a barrier, protecting his subjects from the shameful mistakes of his past, and Greg is left isolated and lonely.

Emyr stands on the cusp of fame, but adulation and abuse are both eroding his confidence, and one night, at the river’s edge, he seeks solace in the rain, hoping to hide his tears.
The photographer and the virgin rock star share an accidental connection on that dark, drizzly night. When Greg invites Emyr back to his hotel room, no strings attached, the young man should have bolted. Instead, an odd sense of trust allows him to follow Greg’s lead.

When the camera comes out, Emyr learns the stage isn’t the only place he loves to perform as Greg touches something inside him that rarely awakens. Faced with a beautiful, talented boy whose soul is as lonely as his own, will Greg be able to face his past and come to terms with it, or will he run from the connection he so desperately desires?

I don't have any links or anything else about it at the moment except for the Goodreads url ->
Other books that I'm planning to release this year is a vampire book called Montréal at Midnight (Midnight in Montréal?), the sequel to Kestrel's Talon, perhaps a collaboration with another author (but I can't get into details), and perhaps book #4 in the Baal's Heart series. 

Do you listen to audiobooks?  Do you have a favorite narrator if so?

I don't really, no. The first audiobook I ever listened to was when I got the files back from Nick J. Russo when he narrated Sarge. I can say that he is awesome. He nailed everything I've sent him so far.

Michael Ferraiuolo tackled the difficult cast of characters and their various accents from Caged last year and it is incredible to listen to. He's working on Sacrificed right now.

I tried listening to The Martian, one of my favourite movies/books, and the narrator was terrible and shouty. So far I haven't had much luck finding a book I want to listen to. :( 

Who is/are your biggest celebrity crush(es)?  Feel free to include a picture.

Ha! Um. Crushes? I don't really get crushes on celebrities. I do, however, get a little obsessed over acting talent. Mads Mikkelsen, Tom Hardy, Iwan Rheon are currently at the top of that list. 

I do celebrity portraits, or... rather, portraits of my favourite characters. I'm currently working on one of Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector (The Fall) but here's my newest one, completed yesterday, of Tom Hardy as James Keziah Delaney (Taboo). If you want to see more, I have a gallery here:

How did you spend New Years Eve?

I have no idea. I think I might have been watching Voyager with a friend. I'm lame, but when you live in a place that's freezing cold in winter, getting stuck waiting two hours for a cab to take you home after a party... not so fun. Besides, time is just a construct. Who says I follow the Gregorian Calendar? :D


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