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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DEBT by Nina G. Jones ♥ Blog Tour Review



Title: DEBT
Author: Nina G. Jones
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release Date: December 2, 2014
Cover Model: BJ Gaddour




I don’t know what I was thinking when I hired someone to attack me. Maybe I was bored, or lonely, or there was a void so deep inside of me that I needed something explosive to fill it. It was supposed to be safe. A thrill. A way to break through the monotony of everyday life. It was an illusion of danger that I could walk away from as soon as it was over. Except that it wasn’t. Because I had been in danger long before I ever invited it into my life. ——————— My mission is almost complete. The bubbling boil of vengeance that heats my blood might finally simmer. She is the last piece of the puzzle. Once I destroy her, everyone who ever hurt me will have paid their debt. It was supposed to be quick and easy, but as soon as I met her it got complicated. Very complicated.  


I spin again to face him, and I hike my dress up just under my ass, while straddling one of his legs. His eyes are affixed on mine, like we are only two people in this crowded club. I ride his thigh, rubbing my bare pussy against him, as I lick my lips and run a hand through my hair. My chest presses against the firmness of his torso, my nipples stiffening from the contact. “Please, dance with me,” I beg in a mewl. His hand threads through my hair, the other grabs my ass and pulls me up and against his thigh, applying more pressure against him. Brick by brick. And we move in sync: slow, rhythmic grinding. Eye to eye. Lids barely parted. Sweat beading. Low moans vanish into the air. The deafening music drowns out any conflicted feelings that remain. He tugs my hair and extends my neck, grazing his teeth against my chin, the tip of his tongue awakening the sensitive nerve endings. His hand squeezes my half-exposed ass, and everything lights up. My nipples and clit, a partnership of arousal, tense in ecstasy as they stroke against the man who sets me on fire. He is also the only person who can put me out. My moans grow louder, but they are drowned out in the safety of the music. And like the flashing lights in the club, I become ablaze with flickering energy, throwing my head back, arching my spine as he supports me, as he lets me use his body, his smell, his taste, his overpowering masculine energy to put out the blaze that he ignites inside of me. I collapse onto him, grasping his shirt, taking in his smell, the warmth of his broad chest, completely lost in the sensory experience that is Tax. I smile as I burrow my face into his chest, drunk off the mixture of alcohol and lust.

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Author Bio
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Nina G. Jones is the author of the Strapped Series and Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel.
Her next novel, DEBT, is slated to be released in December 2014.
Nina currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two fur babies. She will work for chocolate cake.

love p


DEBTDEBT by Nina G. Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's 4am. I just finished this book, and I don't even know where to begin. I stayed up all night reading it. I kept trying to put it down, but it wouldn't let me. Lord, what a story. It just kept evolving, the further into the plot I went, the deeper I fell. For a full day, this book was my whole world, now what. The emotions I felt...
Now my sleep deprived mind is going to try to lay some words down about this novel that hopefully make sense and relay the message of it's greatness.

There are so many layers to the storyline, that some could have been removed and it still would have been awesome, but including everything just makes it amazing. We start with Mia. She is an independent modern woman and a secret "freak" in the bedroom, but in the business world, she can't find a man that will go far enough into that lifestyle to satisfy her.
From what I've seen—and dated—I just don't feel like most men have anything to offer that I can't do for myself.

She finds herself on a secret website putting in an order for her own rape...
This is the dark alleyway of the internet, where you can order drugs, prostitutes, and find illegal porn.
It's 2am and I am lurking on the deep web for a male prostitute to mock-rape me.

Tax pays her a visit, and let me tell ya, the sex and the man are both off the charts hot.
OK, so wow right! From the synopsis and teasers, I thought this was basically the story. Sounds like he's going to turn into a creepy stalker right? But what is this debt deal? Exactly!

The book pops between current and past times. I thought when it was finally revealed, the whole revenge plot, that it would be minor, and everything would fade away. When I learned everything, I cried. I haven't moved past it myself yet even after finishing the story so I totally understand the need for vengeance.
I couldn't just dissolve into everyday life. My life is revenge. My life is rage. I had nothing to look forward to.

There was no downtime for me in this book. I was completely captivated the entire read. Whether it was from the sexiness, sadness, anger, desire, love... I felt it all. Tax, Mia, Jude, Rex and Sil all took a piece of my heart, but Silvio and Judith broke it.

There is so much more that I would like to say, but I don't want to ruin the book. Learning as you read is part of the experience with this story. I highly endorse this book. It is definitely at the top of my 2014 list.

*MORE THAN 5* I-will-never-forget-this-book Stars

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***


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