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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

EXPOSED by Bey Deckard Review

Novel (80,000 words)
Themes: age gap, daddy kink

With middle-age looming, Greg offsets his boring day job with what truly feeds his soul: photography. The camera is an extension of himself where he exposes his passion for the intersect of pleasure and pain. However, the lens also acts as a barrier, protecting his subjects from the shameful mistakes of his past, and Greg is left isolated and lonely.

Emyr stands on the cusp of fame, but adulation and abuse are both eroding his confidence, and one night, at the river’s edge, he seeks solace in the rain, hoping to hide his tears.
The photographer and the virgin rock star share an accidental connection on that dark, drizzly night. When Greg invites Emyr back to his hotel room, no strings attached, the young man should have bolted. Instead, an odd sense of trust allows him to follow Greg’s lead.

When the camera comes out, Emyr learns the stage isn’t the only place he loves to perform as Greg touches something inside him that rarely awakens. Faced with a beautiful, talented boy whose soul is as lonely as his own, will Greg be able to face his past and come to terms with it, or will he run from the connection he so desperately desires?



Greg does graphic design and photography and is old enough to be Emyr's father. Emyr is a young break out rockstar. In the bedroom, Emyr likes to call Greg by the term Daddy and Greg is a little Dom-ish, but mostly this is a chill romance. The relationship is exactly what both need. When Greg photographs Emyr, each learns more about himself. Anyone who likes M/M romance or BDSM-lite should check this out. I really enjoyed how they travel all around. All the countries outside of the US and the Welsh dialogue were interesting to me. Exposed is a sweet book that will probably broaden the reader's horizons in many ways.

***copy given in exchange for an honest review***


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