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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cold-Blooded Beautiful by Christine Zolendz —Top Reads From the 2014 Year —Interview

What happens when your past comes back to haunt you?
Imagine having a secret whispered in your ear, a secret that once revealed, changes everything in your life that you thought to be true.
What would you do if you learned that everything you had was just a lie, a lie that could end everything you ever worked for and destroy everyone you ever cared about?
What happens when all your secrets come spilling forth and your past catches up to you?
Will it consume you?
Will it destroy you?
Six months ago Kade Grayson helped Doctor Samantha Matthews hide from a violent past, one that she wants to keep hidden from everyone. Deep in her heart, she hides her secrets, too afraid to hurt the only people she has left to trust.
What happens when she is forced to face her past?
Will love be enough to save her?
Because her deadly game of Hide and Seek is at its end.

This book is a full length Adult Contemporary Romance and is intended for mature audiences due to strong language and sexual content.

~One of my favorite Kade quotes from Cold-Blooded Beautiful~
Yes, I know, I'm pushy. I'm also arrogant, selfish, mean, and pretty much clinically fucked in the head, so whatever. You try debating it with my demons. They usually don't let you get a word in edgewise.

First, thank you so much for having Cold-Blooded Beautiful in your top reads for 2014, that's a great honor!

Do you have any deleted scenes from either book you can share?

I have absolutely none. I wrote both books like I was an emotional tornado and ripped right through them. I left nothing out and just published them as soon as my editor gave me the go ahead.

Did you base your characters on anyone in real life or are they completely from your mind?

Every character I write is somehow loosely based on people around me or just me. This was a pretty dark-violent book and unfortunately the character of David was taken from my father who wasn't the nicest of guys when he was alive. I also did a ton of research for this book, especially for Kade and Sam's characters. Kade had been in a specific situation when he was a teenager and I made sure to read autobiographies of people who were in the same situation. It was so emotional for me and I spent a lot of time crying and reading and writing.

How did the idea for this story first come to you?

I was writing another book, one that I haven't published yet, and I had this weird image in my head of my hands grasping a steering wheel covered in blood. I wrote the description of the image down and started asking myself why was this person bleeding, what was she running from? And I didn't stop writing until I was done.

When you were writing book 1, did you already know how book 2 would end?

I knew I wanted the bad guy to get it in the end. But as I was writing I let the characters talk to me and lead the way, I had a loose outline, but I followed Sam's lead and she wrote the story for me.

What is your current writing project?
Would you please give some info and teaser for it?

I have a few projects I'm working on. The project you'll see published first is a book I co-wrote with Angelisa Stone called #TripleX. It's a straight up Chick-Lit comedy. It's different than anything I've done before and it's funny as hell. We got the idea one day just reading through our text messages and Facebook chats. They were so funny and so real that I said to her we really need to write a book and put all this stuff in it. And we did.
The book will be published sometime in January 2015. Other books you'll see from me this year will be an apocalypse book, an anthology with a bunch of other amazing authors that's a secret, and a new series about a bunch of hot guys in uniform-I'm not telling what kind of uniform though.



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