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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Favorite Son by Will Freshwater Blog Tour Review

Book Title:  Favorite Son
Author:  Will Freshwater       
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Book Length:  204 pages
Genre:  Gay, Romance

Book Blurb

Born into a blue-collar family, John Wells beat the odds and came out a winner. As chief of staff to Patrick Donovan, a US senator and aspiring presidential candidate, he enjoys all the power and privilege of a DC insider. But while riding high on a wave of success, he’s blindsided by a series of betrayals from the people he trusts the most. In the space of a single day, John's perfect life unexpectedly unravels when his career falters and his marriage implodes. Following a final, devastating blow, John assumes a new identity as “Peter” and flees to Provincetown, where a tight-knit community of eclectic characters slowly transforms him. 

Peter finds himself drawn to Danny Cavanaugh, an enigmatic carpenter who is struggling to come to terms with his own troubled past. As they work together to renovate a local landmark, the two men forge an unlikely friendship that blossoms into love and becomes the foundation for a new life they hope to build together. But when a reversal of fortune pulls John back to DC, the treacherous world of politics he thought he’d left behind threatens to destroy his chance at true happiness.

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Author Bio

Will Freshwater was born and raised in a small steel town outside Pittsburgh. He graduated, cum laude, from Boston College and was awarded a Juris Doctorate from the
University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Will has lived and worked in Boston,  Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Tampa. Although he has spent the better part of the
last twenty years working as a successful corporate attorney, Will can happily confirm that his true vocation is writing. He currently resides in Morristown, New Jersey with his
husband, Stephen, and their golden retriever, Rory. Favorite Son is Will's debut novel, and he is hard at work on his second novel.

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Twitter:   @WillFreshwater

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Favorite Son

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story about a man figuring out who he truly is. All his life he has been headed in one direction, all business. Work is ruling him.
With a steady hand, John pulled his Blackberry from its holster and scrolled through a queue of unread e-mail. He studied the words on the screen and waited for work—his drug of choice—to take hold. Each message was another hit that drove everything from his mind but the next urgent problem only he could solve.

Employeed in D.C., he's surrounded in politics every minute. He has no time to maintain his relationship with his boyfriend. He has no time to himself or to enjoy life in general. When he gets bad news and then a tragedy befalls him, he sees how submerged he has become.
Work used to be a verb that explained what John did—not an adjective that described who he was.

When John/Peter can no longer handle anymore, he runs away to somewhere as different as he can possibly find. Things move slower. The people are more real. Here they just take things as they come.
Chucking at the irony of the situation, Peter decided to relinquish his position as pack leader and just leave it to Chance. Eventually, they'd find their way home.

When I first started this book, I had trouble following smoothly with the storyline. It switches between past and present and points of view without warning. In some parts, a bit of time had past without me realizing it was later in the plot. After I got more used to the style, things cleared up for me. That is really my only complaint.

Favorite Son is a clever title because he is a twin who's brother died right after birth. Later in the story, he feels as if he is two different people. Which is the favorite son? Which personality will win out? Although most of us are not a twin, this is a very relatable story in modern times. Many of us don't take the time for the things that are really important. I believe the message is to find your true self, do the things that really matter and surround yourself with people you love.

There is a romantic aspect to this book, but I would not label it as romance and definitely not erotica. It isn't graphic. It's more a introspective look at the character. It does have sweet parts. Many of them are friendship related. There were a couple of shocking moments, but for the most part the story speed is calm. I was definitely interested to see the outcome and enjoyed the trip. I just want to add that it's nice to occasionally see a book with gay characters that isn't focused on them being gay. There is more to a gay man than just his orientation. He has the same problems as everyone else. This is totally and every person read.

***copy given in exchange for an honest review***


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