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Friday, January 9, 2015

Flawed by Francette Phal —Top Reads Published in 2014 —Interview

"You are this beautiful thing I want to destroy."

That's the only memory he carries from a childhood he does not remember. And now it is all he knows. Blood is his life.

Knox Bishop has done a lot of horrible things, all at the command of the man who holds his leash. It's a matter of loyalty for him. Allegiance to the man who saved his life when he was a child. So he goes where he is needed and does what he is told. He tortures. He kills. He kills. He tortures. It is an unrelenting cycle that he constantly craves and can never quite satisfy.

Until her.

Eighteen year old Lacey Barnes distributes her assets to fund her dreams. Medical school is the end game and she is determined to get there by any means necessary. But a family member's careless mistake derails her plans and now she must pay a price in order to save him. 

She goes to Knox willingly offering him the only valuable thing she has. Herself. In doing so he allows her into his world, a world she quickly realizes is void of any light and hope for escape is utterly elusive. But escape is something she finds that she no longer wants. 

"He lays a path of pleasure laced agony for me to follow and I do. Stupidly I follow him down the blinding darkness of his euphoric hell."

Disclaimer: This is book is intended for mature audiences (18+) due to description of violence and sexual situations.

Do you have any extra or deleted scenes you can share from Flawed?  Or upcoming scenes from the next in the series?

First off thank you so much Toni for this amazing honor! Means alot that Flawed made it onto this list!

And yes, I do have a small snippet of the sequel to Flawed titled Carnage. It's unedited so please excuse the mistakes:


Huddled in the corner there is nothing to do but wait. Listen to the violence of silence and wait. The sound of weeping and wails fill the air like the howls of dogs at a kennel. I haven't gotten used to that sound yet, so it continues to shred through my psyche, undoubtedly leaving behind permanent emotional scars.

The sound of the metal bolt scraping like a knife to bone means they've come for another one. My heart skitters along my ribcage, attempting to find a proper rhythm but failing because fear has now taken control of me.  I can hear the ominous tread of feet growing ever closer, my worst nightmare slowly making its way down the dimly lit hallway. It's instant the prayer that comes to mind.

Anyone but me. Please God, let it be any of the other girls but me.

It's selfish and guilt is quick in twisting my insides. But I'm only human. It's only natural. Self-preservation demands that I save my own ass. God however has other plans. Forsaking me once again when I need his intervention the most. Even before the door to my cage scrapes and squeaks open, I know they've come for me.

From all of your books, do you have a favorite story or character?

I've written six books now with an array of completely different characters but the one that still sticks out for me is Nicholas Grayson in the Bet Series. I love the way he loves his heroine Ellie.

Often in the dark genre, books have a hard time not becoming ridiculous or horror.  In Flawed you totally maintained the desired rate of dark.  Nailed it!  How do you keep yourself in check?

Thank you! Honestly considering this was my first foray into dark erotica, I wanted to really push my own limits as an author and see how far I could take it before I scared or repulsed myself. I haven't reached that limit yet. Lol. Maybe Carnage will be my breaking point.

How many books do you plan to have in The Butcher series?

Just the two.

What other projects are you currently working on?  Can you give us some teasers/excerpts?

I'm writing the fourth book to the Bet series. Still working progress, title and all. But I'm hoping to have it published in 2015.

Anything extra that you want to add?

Knox has been such an difficult character to write, because as simple as he might seem, he is so incredibly complex and he doesn't make getting into his head easy. But I love him and I love writing him. I love how unapologetic he is about everything he does in Flawed including how he treats Lacey. But we will eventually see a bit more humanity in him in Carnage.


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