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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Project X by Nephylim Blog Tour Review

Project X by Nephylim

Project X

Title: Project X
Author: Nephylim
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Morgan Bentley is a bastard. Always was and always will be.
At least thatís what Matthew Hopkins thinks. Unfortunately, Morgan is also a brilliant law student, and easily eclipses Matthew, academically and socially.
Matthew insists he hates Morgan. According to Matthewís best friend, Cory, perhaps he doth protest a bit too much.
Cory has received the chance of a lifetime in the form of an internship with ITMóInformation Technology and Medicineóthe prestigious research company where Morganís father is the CEO. Too inquisitive for his own good, the naturally curious Cory stumbles on a deadly secret inside of ITM. What he has learned will tip the balance of everything, but for good or bad?
Just what is the mysterious Project X?
What is Morganís involvement?
Matthew has to sort fact from fiction, friend from foe, as his world is turned upside down and inside out, and nothing can be the way it was.

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The big deal, Matthew...” Morgan spoke slowly, his face set and his eyes flashing, “... is that your ‘friend’ betrayed my trust. He hacked into my computer, looked at files I’ve shown to no one else—no one—and threw my hospitality back in my face. What he does with the information is irrelevant.”

I-I’m sorry Morgan. I swear I didn’t mean to do it. I just... I didn’t think.”
I suggest you learn to think before you start working at ITM. Because if you even consider doing something like this when you’re there, you’re going to be in more trouble than you can begin to imagine.”
Are you threatening my friend?” Without even realizing it I was on my feet, facing him down, my own anger rising to meet his.
It’s not a threat, Matthew,” he said quietly. “It’s a warning, and one he’d better heed. These people are not to be messed with.”
“‘These people’ are you own father. Are you telling me he’s a crook? Doing some dodgy dealings he doesn’t want the world to find out about?”
Morgan went even paler, if that was possible. “Hacking into the computer of a multinational company that deals with contracts from the government is not a smart thing to do, Matthew. I’d have thought even you would have realized that. And it has nothing to do with what they have to hide, or why.”
Oh for fuck sake, get over yourself. Get down off your high horse, why don’t you, and try mixing with real people once in a while?”
Real people?” Morgan closed his eyes and shook his head. When he opened them again, they had a dangerous glint. “You don’t get it, do you? Why is it that your friend has been playing a very dangerous game, hacking into computers, betraying the trust placed in him—by the company, by me—and yet somehow I’m the bad guy here?
This isn’t a game. It isn’t downloading free music from the Internet, or copying CD’s, or engaging in a little plagiarism in an essay. This is serious stuff, and if he’s caught, there will be serious consequences. You don’t mess with these people. They are not nice.”
If your father’s anything like you, I can believe it.”
Morgan winced as if I’d slapped him, and it gave me cruel satisfaction. He went still for a minute, then he murmured, so quietly I barely heard.
My father is nothing like me.” He turned his back and walked to the window. “I think you’d better go. Take the notes and work on them yourself. We can combine notes on Thursday. I’ll meet you in the library.”
I stared at him for a while, but he didn’t turn around. Grabbing Cory by the shoulder, I steered him out of the room, out of the house and out of the situation. God, I hated Morgan Bentley.

About the author

Nephylim was born into a poor mining family in the South Wales Valleys. Until she was 16, the toilet was at the bottom of the garden and the bath hung on the wall. Her refrigerator was a stone slab in the pantry and there was a black lead fireplace in the kitchen. They look lovely in a museum but arenít so much fun to clean.
Nephylim has always been a storyteller. As a child, sheíd make up stories for her nieces, nephews and cousin and theyíd explore the imaginary worlds she created, in play.
Later in life, Nephylim became the storyteller for a re enactment group who travelled widely, giving a taste of life in the Iron Age. As well as having an opportunity to run around hitting people with a sword, she had an opportunity to tell stories of all kinds, sometimes of her own making, to all kinds of people. The criticism was sometimes harsh, especially from the children, but the reward enormous.
It was here she began to appreciate the power of stories and the primal need to hear them. In ancient times, the wandering bard was the only source of news, and the storyteller the heart of the village, keeping the lore and the magic alive. Although much of the magic has been lost, the stories still provide a link to the part of us that still wants to believe that itís still there, somewhere.
In present times, Nephylim lives in a terraced house in the valleys with her son and her two cats. Her daughter has deserted her for the big city, but theyíre still close. The part of her that needs to earn money is a lawyer, but the deepest, and most important part of her is a storyteller and artist, and always will be.

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Project X

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The three characters with the most air time in this book are Matthew, Cory and Morgan, three college students. The story is told from the POV of Matthew. Matthew is just really clueless. Everyone around him understands him way better than he understands himself. Matthew is fairly popular, well liked (loved by some), good-looking and gay. He's unaware of any of this. Basically he's unaware of anything except school and how much he can't stand Morgan.

Cory is the always in the shadows, computer nerd, best friend of Matthew. Morgan is the ultra cool, mega rich, superstar of the campus.

Matthew thinks he hates Morgan, but really it's not hate of course.
Tomorrow we were going to glare at each other again and grind our teeth at every word the other said. Tomorrow we were going to torment one another and try our very best to tear the other down at every possibility. Tomorrow we would hate each other again...but was something different. Today I was holding him in my arms. Today I was resting my cheek on his hair. Today I was feeling his heart beat next to mine.

This story felt like YA to me for a long time. Then all the sudden it definitely wasn't so I guess I'd label it as NA. It's sort of sci-fi, but not as much as I thought it would be. There is a secret drug and experiments and side effects. Most of the first part is mystery. Lots of mystery. It's also sort of a coming of age, first love and family drama novel.

I thought Project X contained many sweet parts, emotional parts and also a little wisdom we all should take note of.
"Why don't we realize life's so fragile? Why do we waste it, throw it away for nothing? This was all so...unnecessary."

This was my first read from the author. I look forward to reading more.

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  1. All I wish is for anyone and everyone who has eyes and loves reading M/M to buy this book from such an amazing Author! Is all I'm saying... ;D

  2. Thanks for hosting me, and for the awesome review. You're right with the classification, I guess New Adult. I've never really got into erotica per se and my heart has always lain with YA. The invention of NA was a godsend :) And that you so, so much Zeaoanne. You know how much I appreciate you

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment and give insight <3